Frequently Asked Questions

It takes time and consistency to see results. Working together for a minimum of 4 months will allow you to train through at least one full training cycle, depending on your goals.

Of course! My personal training package was created just for you and only focuses on strength training.

You don’t have do! If you are looking for running guidance, but aren’t planning to register for a race we can absolutely still work together. There are so many benefits of running and you can set running focused goals without training for a race.

It’s okay to feel nervous when you’re committing to something new. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself and it’s just as much about the process as it is about the end result. I will be here to guide you along the way! I will meet you where you’re currently at fitness wise — there is nothing wrong with starting slow. There is something special about committing to something and seeing it through and I’m confident that you will be proud of the work you put in.

A running coach creates unique and periodized running plans to help you train for a race, build fitness, or simply train for life. As a coach I will guide you on your journey, create running workouts designed for your fitness level, monitor your progress, and help you become confident in your running abilities. 

I can be reached by completing this online interest form, by completing the contact form on my website, or by email at [email protected]. If you become a client then you will receive access to my phone number and I will be available by call or text. 

With individual or group coaching I will always offer adjustments as needed! I will monitor your progress we will communicate regularly to ensure that you are on the right track. If you purchase a custom training plan without coaching then I am unable to edit your plan once it is delivered to you. If you are looking for continuous coaching that can accommodate your specific fitness level, life and travel schedule, and other needs then the individual or group coaching option will be a better fit for you.

Payments can be made in one-month, 4 months, or 6 months at a time. The coaching rate is consistent across each of these options.

To sign up for group run coaching, please email Joanna at [email protected]

Group run coaching is for 2 or more people — in your email please either CC your group members or provide their names and contact information in the body of the email. 

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